Why Choose PHP Language For Your Web Application Development Project?

Today, building a website is a necessity for any business. The main steps involved in website creation are designing & development. When it comes to which programming language to choose for website development, PHP is amongst the top programming languages preferred by most developers. Yes, PHP web application development services help build scalable websites and web apps.

Nearly 80% of the websites make use of PHP including big portals like Facebook and WordPress. It is a server-side scripting language that operates on a web server and is used to create robust apps and website pages.

Now, if you are thinking about why PHP is the ideal option for web development, then let us explore the reasons and benefits of PHP programming language for website development?

What Makes PHP a Popular Programming Language?

The actual name of PHP is — Hypertext pre-processor. It is free to use server-end programming language. When it is used with markup & style sheet languages like CSS and HTML, it offers the backup functionality for a website.

In short, we can say HMTL is the structure, CSS is the perfect body and PHP is the soul of the website.

PHP allows you to do a lot of things. It helps you build amazing websites. It allows you to :

  • Create content
  • Focus on database management like editing or adding data
  • Manage server-end effectively
  • Read and process HTML/CSS files

Why PHP Is The Preferred Language For Web Development Projects?

Let us explore the reasons why PHP is the smart choice for web development :

Comes With An Easy Learning Curve And Is Pretty Easy To Use

One of the reasons why PHP has gained popularity as the preferred programming language for web development projects is its simple nature. It is easy to learn and use.

You don’t need vast knowledge or expertise in web development to create a web page. You can create a web page using one PHP file and much faster than any other language.

The code involved in PHP website or PHP web application development is simple and the commands are quite easy to comprehend. So, learning PHP is easier than other languages.

It Is Free To Use Language

Well, this aspect also contributes to the popularity of PHP among developers. You can install PHP faster and at no cost. You can access several PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel. Hence, a lot of companies switch to PHP to save overall web development costs.

It Is Flexible

Yet another benefit of PHP is its flexibility. It is a platform-independent language. It supports cross-platform web development which means it can be utilized across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and almost all web browsers. It is also compatible with popular web servers which makes it simple to install across multiple platforms and systems at a cost-effective price.

Has Powerful Community Support

PH has huge community support with plenty of tips, FAQs, and tutorials available to help newbies. Also, the community offers information about regular updates.

Is Secure And Swift

Every firm look at faster and more secure apps or website. PHP leverages its memory which offers more speed, especially with the latest versions.

One of the benefits of PHP is its community support which comprises multiple tools, best practices, and frameworks to resolve bugs and offer security against cyber threats.

Has Better Database Flexibility

PHP helps you link with any type of database securely and easily. This helps the developers get liberty while selecting a suitable database for app development.

Tested To Work In Practical Environments

PHP code has been tested in all possible practical environments. The primary bugs have already been identified and resolved which makes PHP more trustworthy and stable for developers. Also, a lot of tools and frameworks are developed to make PHP web development secure, effective, and scalable.

Works Great With CMSs

One of the amazing benefits of opting for PHP for a web development project is that it is utilized with a lot of CMSs (content management systems).

Some popular CMSs are PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, are written in PHP or supported by a PHP-based framework. This means you can easily work with multiple CMSs when you opt for PHP language for PHP website development. You can create custom websites using PHP-backed CMS.

Helps Reduce Development Time

PHP enables code re-usability as it is a partial object-oriented language. With reusable PHP elements, you can save effort and time during the development process.

You will find several PHP frameworks like Joomla, CodeIgniter, Laravel, WordPress, Symfony, etc. These frameworks have their functionality and provide secure and fast development in certain sectors.

PHP was purposely optimized to develop different web apps faster. It comes with built-in functions like using POST and GET and working with URLs and HTML. Hence, it helps businesses save cost and time and gain maximum ROI.


PHP is a well-known web technology used for web and mobile app development solutions like a simple web app, website, or an e-commerce store.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of PHP will never slow down because it is built by expert developers and updated regularly. The model of this excellent scripting language allows you to build feature-rich apps that are in demand.

You can see that even leading sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, etc are based on PHP language. The vast support of the community lets PHP web development and websites in the future.

If you are planning to opt for PHP language for your next mobile or web development project, then make sure you hire an expert mobile app development agency having vast experience in working on PHP development projects. If you are looking for one, X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, a trusted mobile app development service In the USA can help you get your PHP web development project completed successfully. Get in touch with us to share your web or app development requirements. We would analyze your requirements to get started. After assessing your PHP web development project requirements, we would give you a free quote to know the development costs.

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