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Bhavesh Parekh
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Are you planning to build a website for your business to attract more buyers? Certainly, it is a wise decision as a smartly built website can help boost users’ engagement.

Well, despite having an excellent product line and amazing marketing ideas, you may fail to meet your selling targets if you have a website that lags to attract customers.

Today, you will notice constant changes in website design. While some elements like engaging content remain the same, other elements that you need to consider to boost the website’s performance and visibility.

Some of these elements help your business understand user interest to enhance their experience on multiple devices. You will find countless such elements that can help increase user engagement to boost sales, but you don’t need to clutter your website with all of them. It is important to select certain elements that can help boost the overall efficiency of your website to meet business goals. This blog would highlight the top website design trends 2022 you can focus on for building a modern website design and enhancing overall website performance.

Attractive Color Palette

It is one of the vital elements to be considered for your modern web design to grab the attention of the users. Yes, the aspects you need to focus on are our color scheme, color combination, and color palette. A website developer should always pay attention to the color palette as is crucial for a website and through proper research, an impressive color palette can be chosen and implemented. Also, the color combination should be chosen wisely to symbolize different aspects of your brand. It directly strengthens your brand value and results in higher conversions.

Engrossing Background Videos

If you wish to make your web page more interesting, you can add videos that can be played automatically in the background. These videos can help brief your business concept so that your brand story is not reflected through content alone.

When visitors visit your website, background videos on web pages can be interesting for the visitors to view and understand your brand. The videos help visitors to know the vital points about your firm without reading the text.

Today, people prefer watching video content to reading lengthy texts so you can offer enhanced video experiences to visitors.

Exclusive Typography

A lot of organizations use certain font/typography to help their customers identify their brand instantly among their competitors.

Today, for website design & development services, a large collection of fonts is available to choose from for businesses to express their brands using distinct typography. Typography offers an even appearance on every page on your website.

While choosing the right font for your website, make sure it is supported by popular browsers and devices so that your website is accessible across multiple devices.

Minimalistic Web Design

You should consider this point while building a website. Make sure the landing page of your website has minimal design and comprises essential elements only.

The additional elements can be included on other pages or menus. Remember, the landing page should not be cluttered and must have a minimal design. This is because limited elements make your web page appear organized and clean. Also, limited options on the web page can encourage more users to perform certain actions.

Smooth Navigation

The visitors visit your website to accomplish some task or perform transactions. The visitor simply navigates through the website to search for the relevant place to browse through.

So, do not clutter your website with countless categories and subcategories or irrelevant links. It will frustrate the visitor and he may leave your website.

Most customers do not have time to read through everything on your website. They just want to reach the section that shows them the content of their interest. So, make sure the website navigation is smooth and simple for customers to find the information they are looking for.

White Space

It is one of the necessary elements that are part of minimal web design. Today, it acts as an important feature of robust and modern website frameworks.

You can balance the content on your website like videos, text, and links with an equal portion of white space to drive users to important aspects of your website. Website navigation is quite important and contributes to user satisfaction. So, make sure that visitors coming to your website shouldn’t find it difficult to search for contact pages or products.

White space helps take user attention to the elements that are significant for the business.

Sharp and clear Images

A lot of websites upload huge product images to feature different specifications of their products. Well, high-quality images showing products allow designers to portray distinct product features effectively.

Certainly, posting large images is helpful as they are scan-friendly and visitors get a fair idea about the product features through images in place of text. It helps them visualize the exact product.

CTA — Call-To-Actions

It is the inherent button used to carry out certain actions decided by clients or developers. Call to actions placement should be done correctly to boost conversion rates. To do so, make sure the CTA button should visible without any distractions. It will help drive more users to your site


It is one of the key elements of top website design trends 2022 that makes your website more interactive and engaging for visitors. It helps visitors click, scroll and hover flawlessly. Certainly, attractive animations attract users’ attention more than images or text.

Some of the animation designs you can add to your website are :

  • Rotating images
  • Playful cursor
  • Animated navigation menu

Semi-Flat Design

A flat design is pretty simple for the users to comprehend as well as the website load times are faster as compared to websites overloaded with technical elements.

The flat design allows the users to understand the content on your website faster. Make sure you use the same design for all pages like product pages, home pages, etc so that visitors can find it easy to understand the information they are browsing through your site.

Card Design

Card design is gaining popularity among B2C and B2B websites as they portray relevant information for the visitors in the best possible way. You can use card design for your site to accentuate several solutions/products together.

Make your cards responsive. It means they should fit all screen sizes they are viewed on.

Mobile-responsive Layouts

With the increase in the use of mobile devices, website traffic comes from different devices. Hence, the website design and development services you hire focus on designing a website that is accessible on all device types.

It means you need to have your website layout mobile-responsive which helps different elements like text, UIs, and images to resize according to the devices it is accessed from

Hero Images

These images are put in the background along with content and text where the content appears on the top. Also, when you use large images, they reflect your brand story without depending on text alone. Hero images create the right balance for your site without the video or text. Certainly, an accurate image speaks for your brand, what you have in store to offer and why your brand is different.

Hamburger Menus

Long menus with options are found on most websites you may come across. The benefit of this concept is to direct visitors to the right place according to their preference on your site. But, long menus consume a lot of screen space. Hence, using a hamburger or hidden menu can help you in such cases. This menu saves a lot of space and comes with interactive navigation for the users. It is a clear menu that helps the user find the information they are looking for faster.

Speed Optimization

Undoubtedly, you can boost conversions through an engaging website with interesting content. But, a website that doesn’t load fast can divert the users to other sites. So, it is important to optimize the website elements for better speed. Websites with faster loading times attract more visitors and help you increase sales significantly.


When it comes to modern website design, we need to assess all the elements mentioned above to offer a unique experience to the users. The elements stated above would help you launch speedy websites with engaging UI that boosts conversions.

To implement the vital elements required for modern website design during development, you need to hire an expert website design and development company that has the right expertise to integrate these trends. If you are searching for a reliable tech partner, X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, a trusted website development company in the USA, can help you build a website that has all the necessary elements required that meets the needs of modern web design. Connect with us to share your ideas to design and develop a modern website that helps you excel in the digital space.

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