PHP Vs. Java For Web Apps Development: Differences & Similarities

About Java

About PHP

Similarities — PHP vs Java


Easy to Learn

Open Source


Comparison — PHP vs Java

Coding Speed





Learning curve

Talent Pool


Development cost

Pros and Cons of Java vs PHP

Pros of Java

  • object-oriented programming language.
  • Highly-secure programming language
  • Can run on multiple platforms.
  • Facilitates automatic memory management
  • Simple learning syntax
  • Ideal for creating complex mobile app development solutions
  • Stable and flexible language for developers
  • Offers excellent remote co-operation

Cons of Java

  • Java-based mobile/web application development services turn out to be expensive
  • App performance at the initial stages is poor
  • Lengthy code as compared to many other programming languages.

Pros of PHP

  • Open-source programming language
  • Comes with access to plenty of databases
  • Highly flexible programming language for web application
  • Offers unmatched cooperation with HTML
  • Huge community support with extensive documentation available for developers
  • Enhanced page loading at various phases

Cons of PHP

  • The documentation is not consistent
  • Susceptible to frequent errors
  • Not very secure as compared to other programming languages.

What Are The Use Cases of Java and PHP?

Use cases for Java

  • Web apps
  • Android apps
  • Web servers
  • Enterprise apps
  • Software Tools
  • Apache HTTP server, Adobe JRun
  • Software tools

Use cases for PHP

Final Words



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