PHP Vs. Java For Web Apps Development: Differences & Similarities

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The topic of discussion — which is the best programming language is never going to end. This is because every developer shares his opinion and arguments for each language. Hence, rather than discussing which programming language is the best for your web development projects, let us learn which suits your projects the best. This blog would help you learn about PHP vs Java for web development projects. So, let us begin understanding each of the two languages in detail

About Java

It is a class-based, cross-platform, general-purpose programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Its idea of ‘Write once, Run Anywhere’ helps programmers code once use it on every platform that supports Java which includes smartphones and computers.

Java is a high-grade language with complex processes involved within. The code is transformed into bytecode by the Java compiler which is later converted by Java Virtual Machine to work on the device it operates on. Java is used by big players like eBay, Google, Netflix, Uber, etc.

About PHP

PHP- Personal Home Page also stands for — Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side, general-purpose, and open-source scripting language that can be integrated into HTML.

PHP used to play a crucial role in the development of CMSs — content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc

PHP works with the services having PHP installed. It is used by big players like Etsy, Tumblr, Slack, Facebook, etc

Similarities — PHP vs Java


Both PHP and Java are OOP — Object-Oriented Programming languages. This programming comes with easy learning of code and the code can be re-used.

Java & PHP gives access to different techniques like encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance that offer modularity and re-usability.

Easy to Learn

Java and PHP are easy to learn programming languages. This means if you know the syntax, compiling, writing code, and debugging becomes easy for you.

Open Source

Java and PHP are free-to-use or open-source languages that can be used by anyone.


The methods of defining classes, variables, and looping structures are quite similar in both Java & PHP. It helps developers to work in a cross-language setup when they need to use both languages parallelly.

Comparison — PHP vs Java

Let us explore the differences between Java and PHP that leads to most debates among developers.

Coding Speed

Java comprises multiple threads that allow them to handle the sequencing of instructions faster and effectively. On the other hand, the PHP latest versions come with amazing coding speed which significantly reduces the consumption of memory.

It means coding similar software on PHP would consume less time compared to that on Java.


Talking about performance comparison, Java stands out as it is precompiled. PHP takes time to comply by using bytecode for each request.

The writing is optimized with the latest PHP versions and results in less memory consumption too. Well, both languages allow developers to build high-performing and fast software.


When it comes to stability, Java wins the race. It may need a lengthy code which is indeed time-consuming but a well-written lengthy code results in a more stable app with reduced crashes. This is the reason why fintech brands and banks choose Java over other programming languages.


Both Java & PHP come with vast documentation as they have been here for a while now.


Java is more popular among developers than PHP. According to Google Trends, developers prefer to learn Java over PHP.

Nearly, 44.1% of professionals opted to work with Java while 37.3% were interested in working with PHP.

Learning curve

Java and PHP, both are easy to learn programming languages. Which one is easiest is difficult to answer as it solely depends on your past skills. Some feel that Java is lengthy while others say Java syntax is easier than PHP as it is similar to the English language.

Talent Pool

38.4% of professionals use Java and 25.8% use PHP according to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow Development.


Certainly, security is a vital factor for any organization as far as data protection policies and regulations are considered. Java proves to be a highly secure language as compared to PHP. Java comes with a lot of built-in features for security whereas PHP developers have to go with other frameworks. As far as complex projects are concerned, Java offers better security as it can obstruct some features in case of low-level programming to safeguard your PC

Development cost

Certainly, any company would prefer to launch cost-effective products. In such cases investing in PHP web development services would turn out to be affordable as compared to Java web development services.

Pros and Cons of Java vs PHP

Let us know about the pros and cons of Java & PHP to get a better view of which programming language to choose for your web development project

Pros of Java

  • object-oriented programming language.
  • Highly-secure programming language
  • Can run on multiple platforms.
  • Facilitates automatic memory management
  • Simple learning syntax
  • Ideal for creating complex mobile app development solutions
  • Stable and flexible language for developers
  • Offers excellent remote co-operation

Cons of Java

  • Java-based mobile/web application development services turn out to be expensive
  • App performance at the initial stages is poor
  • Lengthy code as compared to many other programming languages.

Pros of PHP

  • Open-source programming language
  • Comes with access to plenty of databases
  • Highly flexible programming language for web application
  • Offers unmatched cooperation with HTML
  • Huge community support with extensive documentation available for developers
  • Enhanced page loading at various phases

Cons of PHP

  • The documentation is not consistent
  • Susceptible to frequent errors
  • Not very secure as compared to other programming languages.

What Are The Use Cases of Java and PHP?

Well, Java is used for complex projects, enterprise projects whereas PHP is ideal for less complex projects, especially for startups.

Let us discover the common use cases for each language :

Use cases for Java

Companies use Java to develop

  • Web apps
  • Android apps
  • Web servers
  • Enterprise apps
  • Software Tools
  • Apache HTTP server, Adobe JRun
  • Software tools

Use cases for PHP

Initially, PHP was used to create dynamic web pages but today it has widened its reach. Today, it is used to develop :

Final Words

To compare Java and PHP and decide on which one is the best would not be an easy task. Neither it would be fair to declare any one of them better than the other. This is because these two languages are developed to serve different purposes. Certainly, an expert web app design and development agency can deliver excellent projects with skilled developers in the team.

Still, if you are not sure as to what language to choose for your project, X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, a trusted mobile app development services in the USA can help you choose the right programming language out of the PHP and Java that best suits your projects. We provide expert consultation based on the needs of your specific project and help you hire expert developers to assist you to choose the right programming language. We offer comprehensive web application development services that help you launch a robust product in the market. Connect with us to get started with project development.

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