How Much Will It Cost To Develop A Mobile Application Like UpWork?

With the growth of technology, the way we work has significantly changed. There was a time when a 9–5 office job was considered the appropriate way to work. However, with the development of freelance market websites and apps like Upwork, AdWork, etc. there has been a complete revolution in the job market. Initially, we had to manage all the tasks with the same employees we got, but now for a task that is not under our expertise, a professional can be hired through such freelancing platforms.

Major companies such as Walmart, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. all hire freelancers to get their work done. Working as a freelancer is an option opted by millions of individuals these days as it gives them more flexibility and freedom to work. In the US region alone, 57.3 million people work as freelancers. The number alone is enough to justify the need for freelancing. So here in this article, we will have a comprehensive look at the way freelancing apps like Upwork work. Also, we will cover the costs of making an app similar to Upwork.

Know About Upwork Freelance Market and Its Ways of Working

A freelance marketplace is a platform from where businesses or any individual can hire people looking to work. They work at their own location and complete the task in return for money from the people hiring them. This is a smart way of hiring people and getting the work done.

One can check the profiles of various professionals on this platform and ask them for a quote for the work that is to be done. Also, the person hiring can ask for the previous jobs done by the freelancer so that they can check the way of their work.

Websites and apps like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. are some wonderful websites that provide a convenient and safe way to contact experts from around the world.

Professional freelancers have to register with their details to the Upwork platform when they register for the first time on the website. This procedure is done to create the profile of the user. The profile asks you to fill the details of your work done in the past, your academic records, and preferences for work, etc.

Once the profile is completed, it is then verified by the Upwork team before you start getting projects on the profile. Once the team verifies the profile, you are then eligible to get the projects. You can look for job postings and chat with the people who want work of your expertise.

How Does Upwork Work?

Upwork helps people to pick freelancers for a particular job and task for which they offer money. Once you find a suitable job post for you, you can contact the client and chat with him to get the project. He may analyze your work and accordingly will give you the work for the same.

For receiving the payments, two modes usually work on Upwork. Either you can get a one-time project with a fixed rate for the work. The second option is to do the work with an online timer provided by the Upwork. It charges you according to the price fixed by the client. This is commonly known as ongoing hourly projects.

In the case of the first option, once you complete the work, you have to generate a milestone for the work done. The client then will check the work and activate the milestone, after which you will get paid for the task.

How Do Apps like Upwork Make Money for Themselves?

The easy answer to this question is they make money via commissions taken by both the clients and freelancers. There is a specific commission assigned for the projects that you get on the platform for which the client charges you. The charging scheme of Upwork is as follows:

Pricing for the Client on Upwork

For every project delivered, a cut of 2.75% of the total amount paid will be charged by the Upwork team to the client. Also, a sliding service fee of 20% is fixed for small projects. Longer projects will get charged at 15% from the client. The third type of project that is extra-long and will consume a good amount of time is charged at a 10% rate.

Pricing for the Freelancer on Upwork

Every project that a freelancer submits, there are fees attached to it that goes to the Upwork platform. When you get the payment of the first $500, a percentage of 20% will get deducted from the total amount. When a client gets billed in between the range of $500 to $10,000, a percentage of 10% is charged from the user. In case the project amount is over $10,000, a percentage of 5% is charged to the user.

Top Features That Must be Included in App Like Upwork

Developing an app like Upwork requires a good research process so that the new app being made is better in every aspect than the current apps that are in the market. For making your app the best in the market, the user interface must be simplistic and other than it, the app should have some unique features that no other app is currently offering.

But before you jump into action and think of putting a number of features in the app, let me tell you the cost of the app gets highly enhanced with the number of features included in the app. So first of all, it is necessary to add in the basic features that make apps like UpWork function properly. So down-below you can find all the essential features of the app:

User Profile and Registration

It is required for you to have a registration page for all kinds of applications. Having a registration page helps the company to have a record of all their clients. There are two types of users on the UpWork app. One type of user is the freelancer, while the other one is the customer who gives the projects to the freelancers. So having a feature for entering the details of both user types is essential.

Another registration account that should be available on apps like UpWork is the account for the agencies that work on Upwork. Though UpWork is a freelancer’s platform, the demand for the app is so vast that many agencies have registered their accounts on the website. This way, the agencies earn a good profit amount from UpWork.


A portfolio page is required to be made for the Upwork platform for freelancers. This helps in depicting their work as a freelancer as here you can add screenshots of your work, samples of the work you are into, etc. which can be viewed by the clients.

Reviews and Ratings

A reliable and transparent system for the reviews is essential to be added in-app like Upwork. This helps the clients to review your work before they assign you a new project. In the reviews and rating section, points that can be included are the overall satisfaction rate of the customer. This is viewed by running several algorithms that will be added by the app to the developer. Also, the number of projects done so far can be added to the review section.


When there are finances involved in an app, it is best to do the verification of a user. Let it be a freelancer or the client itself, verification of the account is necessary so that there can be a trust factor with the person you are dealing with.

Skills Test

There are certain skill tests that are added for the freelancer. Having a skill test can check the level of expertise that a freelancer has and if they are worth adding to the current database of the company. Skill tests are usually done because the company has a certain level of reputation to maintain and the competition to enter the platform is already too high.

Searching Bar

A search bar is an important feature in-app like Upwork as it helps you to find a particular job post or client for you. Also, you can find various job listings through the search feature of the app.

* Listing of Jobs

The prime purpose of the app is to add numerous jobs that can be completed by users. Having job listings on the app is the most important feature to be included.

Bidding Mechanism

For a project available on the app, bidding is required to be done. Several freelancers give their quotes for the project mentioned by bidding on the app. The clients then pick the right freelancer for completing their tasks by checking the profile of the user.

Payment Portal

You may skip any other feature in your app but this feature can never be skipped. Payments made to the freelancer by the client is one of the features not to be neglected. Also, Upwork itself makes money with the payments made to the freelancer so having an easy payment portal with several paying options in the app is highly important.

Cost to Build a Mobile App Like UpWork

Developing an app like Upwork is no simple job and requires good research and experience in developing the apps. It takes a huge amount of time and coding for the developer to make this awesome app work.

The Process For Making an UpWork like App

To build an app from scratch, you will have to do a lot of research about the production of the app and its market. The following steps are required for developing an app like UpWork:

Picking A Niche

The market for an app like UpWork is too large. It requires a big amount of investment if you are willing to add all kinds of categories in your app. The best way is to study the need of the users in the area where the app is to be launched. Then start working with a specific niche. Once the app gets a little recognition, then you can add new features and categories to your app.

Studying the Requirements

Once you select a niche for you, then it is required for you to have a complete research on the requirements that are needed in the app. By pre analyzing the design, interface, and other requirements, you will have a clear mind while the app is built.


Designing the app is the most complex step of the process. You must have a clear conversation from the start with the developer so that they can comprehend your requirements perfectly.

The designer of the app will make a prototype for you initially so that any errors can be fixed and the real interface can be designed. The process of designing typically involves analysis, wireframing, and designing of the app. It takes a time period of at least a week to complete the design process.

Development of the App

Once all the pages of the app are designed by the designer, then the process moves further to the developer. Developing an app is the most complex and time-consuming process. To develop the app it requires good expertise in the coding field. The following are the technologies used in the making of an app like Upwork.

Tech Stack Required to Build the App

Building an app like Upwork usually takes a time period of 3–6 months. In most cases, the cost that is required to build the app is calculated by the predefined formula


Making an app like UpWork can be highly profitable for the owners, provided there has been done enough research to cater to the needs of the users. The research process is the most significant part of the project and solid research done can make you earn a fortune with your UpWork like app. So whatever you may do, make sure to keep the picture clear from the start, so that the needed thing can be developed. And if you’re still not convinced, reach out to us and talk to us about your requirements. All the Best!

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