How Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Crowdfunding App Development — Complete Guide

The Incompetence Of Conventional Crowdsourcing

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Crowdfunding On Reward Sites

Crowdfunding Related To Equity

Distributed Lending

Crowdfunding Related To Real Estate

Crowdfunding Related To Donation

Blockchain Technology- An Advanced Technology With Better Security And Control

Blockchain Technology Over Crowdfunding

How Blockchain Is Transforming Crowdfunding App Development?

  1. Availability of improved Equity
  2. Global availability
  3. Supply in real-time
  4. Decrease in running cost
  5. Private channels to aid swift communication
  6. Trading between peers
  7. Unalterable laws meant for campaign
  8. Flexible & basic fund management
  9. Added options related to funding




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