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Despite the buzz created by mobile app development, web development continues to maintain its credibility and with the latest improvements on the roll. The two basic technologies associated with web development are Django & Laravel, which are efficient back-end development frameworks. Django offers clean and practical design for faster web app development whereas Laravel helps build comprehensive web apps.

Web Development Frameworks — What are they?

Web development is not an easy process to accomplish. But, with an array of resources available, it can be made easier. These resources are known as frameworks. What do these frameworks consist of

  • The perfect programming set-up
  • Templates to display information in a browser for the users to access
  • APIs/Application Programming Interface
  • Services and necessary elements to develop CMS

Types of Development Frameworks

1. Frontend

The front end means the part of web elements that are visible to the audience. The frameworks are pre-written codes segregated into different folders. Also, frontend frameworks form the base for developers to develop the final product seamlessly.

A frontend framework comprises,

  • Grids to help you arrange design components
  • Pre-set font sizes and styles
  • Other website elements like navigation bars, buttons, side panels, etc

2. Backend

It is also known as server-side programming. It is everything that happens at the back-end like storing data, fetching data, data processing and controlling responses, etc.

After knowing about frameworks, let us get into the details of Django & Laravel frameworks, their comparison, pros, and which one is better out of the two.

How Does Selecting a Framework Helpful For Your Business?

The main objective of a business is to launch a premium product at an affordable cost. Well, building an app or website can be time-consuming based on the technologies you select. In such cases, frameworks are helpful

Some of the advantages of opting for frameworks for your web development project are :

  • High Security
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Strong Support
  • Affordable price

Django vs Laravel: Information and Features


It is an open-source framework that is written in Python and developers can use Django to fulfill the requirements to build a basic website and continue to build a feature-rich web service.

Django relies on MVT architecture — Model +View+ Template

It means it inherits the qualities of MVT is

  • High reusability
  • Easy deployment
  • Low maintenance cost

Features of Django

Some of the vital features of Django are :

Projects Developed Using the Django Framework

A variety of projects are developed using Django and some popular ones are :


It is an accurate PHP framework that can cater to the needs of open-source application development needs of all sizes. It is the perfect option for developers involved in the web application development process. It has vast community support that helps solve problems related to programming. Laravel has gained popularity due to its amazing features. For instance, web application development companies use the advanced features of Laravel to build high-performing apps. Also, there is less repetition when it comes to coding tasks

Features of Laravel

Some of the vital features of PHP based Laravel framework are :

  • Built-in Eloquent ORM
  • High development speed
  • MVC architectural design
  • Effective traffic management

Laravel helps reduce risks as the framework itself integrates a message queue system.

Projects Developed Using The Laravel Framework

Laravel helps build a range of projects like :

  • Deltanet Travel
  • MyRank
  • Neighborhood Lender
  • Laravel Tricks
  • Mack Hankins
  • Laravel Snippets
  • World Walking
  • Rocket Rubbers

Comparison Between The Two Frameworks — Django and Laravel

When it comes to Django vs Laravel web app development we can compare the two frameworks based on a few parameters like


Django is maintained by Django Software Foundation whereas Laravel is maintained by the developers and related community.


Django is a full-stack framework used for web application development and written in Python.

Laravel is a full-stack framework used for web applications developed and written in PHP.


Django is based on the MVT model

Laravel is based on the MVC model


Django supports cross-platform

Laravel also supports cross-platform


Django supports high scalability

Laravel framework also supports high scalability


Django has fast development features and a huge community group.

Laravel has a very clean architecture and its community base is growing.


Django comes with a huge community of developers

Laravel has a developer community



Many other frameworks are available for Python


It is the single framework available for PHP

Learning curve

Django is easy to learn and if you are well-versed with Python syntax, then learning Django is pretty easy.

Laravel isn’t as easy as Django to learn, but you can use tools like Laracasts along with excellent documentation available to get a good grasp of this framework you need to have command over PHP.


For Enterprise level applications, Django proves to be a highly secure framework

Laravel framework comes with standard security features


Django is faster than Laravel

Laravel is comparatively slower than Django


Django comes with easy-to-comprehend and detailed documentation.

Laravel documentation is not comprehensive as compared to Django.

Which Framework Is Right For Web Development?

When it comes to whether to choose Django or Laravel web app development services, it can be a little confusing. This is because both frameworks are very similar as far as the apps that can be developed. The main difference between the two web application frameworks is that Django web application development uses Python whereas Laravel web application development uses PHP. This results in some differences in libraries and features to cater to distinct needs.

In terms of speed, maintenance, and scalability, Django wins the race. It comes with helpful built-in tools that comprise of 3 rdparty libraries, SEO tools, etc. On the other hand, Laravel is pretty easy with its simple features.

If you are not sure about which framework to go with you can seek help from X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, a reliable web app development agency that helps you choose the right framework between Laravel and Django to build and launch your web app. Based on your app requirements, our web app developers help you make the most of either of the two frameworks so that you can scale your business effortlessly. Get in touch with us to share your web app requirements and we will help you select the right framework for your web app development project.

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